In our 16-week semester program, you will take a city seminar that incorporates your experience in the workplace and in the city with your academic coursework. Our intensive Cultures & Communities city seminar meets once a week and often fulfills general education, diversity, or major- or minor-specific requirements. Students who participate in our 8-week summer program will take the four-credit seminar.

TPC’s four-credit/one-unit seminar often fulfills specific requirements on your home campus. Meet with your on-campus academic advisor or department chair to learn more about credit transfer. You can email with any questions or for more information.

I got to meet people from across the world, from the entertainment industry, the financial world, in technology and human resources management. You get to use what you’re learning at work and talk about it in class. You get to explore and understand why you’re doing what you’re doing at work, and the value behind it.



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