Tuition, Fees & Credits

Our goal is to make an experiential learning opportunity in Philadelphia accessible for all students.

The Philadelphia Center’s tuition is based on that of Albion College, our managing institution. Prior to submitting an application, students should meet with their home campus financial aid officer. Some participating schools may charge an off-campus study fee that can be factored into the student’s financial aid package for the semester. Many campuses offer additional assistance for students studying off-campus.

Billing is handled by our managing institution, Albion College. Students can expect to receive their invoice for tuition from Albion College.


Find a breakdown of tuition costs and other expenses. Food, housing, transportation, entertainment, and other expenses are not included in the cost of tuition.


Fall or Spring

Approximately $13,500 per semester (starting Fall 2018), which includes activity fees and temporary housing during orientation week.

Students should speak with the financial aid office at their home institution for details on billing and financial aid packages.


Tuition for the in-person summer is $4,800 and $2,500 for the virtual program, which both include a $250 non-refundable application fee.

If students who come to Philadelphia live in the UPenn dorms as offered by TPC, the cost is appx. $3,000 per student. Students can also find housing on their own, but TPC does not offer any support in finding independent housing during the Summer program.


Students must arrange and pay for their own transportation to and from Philadelphia for the program.

While in Philadelphia, students use SEPTA, the city’s public transportation. Students can pay per ride, or get a weekly ($25.50) or monthly ($96) pass. Visit the SEPTA website for more details on fare options

Plan Ahead

Philadelphia can be one of the most affordable cities on the East Coast. Living expenses are the responsibility of, and will vary by, each student. Use our estimated monthly budget to plan for your time in Philly.