Fall or Spring – 16 Credits

The fall and spring programs are a great option for students who:

  • Are looking for a unique experience living and learning in one of America’s largest cities for a semester
  • Want to explore career paths through real-world application and rigorous, seminar-style courses
  • Gain work experience in a 4 day a week internship
  • Thrive in an independent learning environment, simulating post-graduate life, fostering independence, confidence, self-reflection and growth
  • Are committed to social justice and exploring race, equity and inclusion

Students enrolled at TPC during Fall or Spring semester will work with the Career and Placement Director to find an internship (4 days a week) that best meets their academic and career goals.  You will receive eight academic credits for your internship and it’s included class, The Field Placement course. The Field Placement course is a companion to your internship experience, allowing you to critically reflect upon your work experiences and network with your peers at The Philadelphia Center. Students will also have the opportunity to create a personalized learning plan that helps them guide their internship experiences, skill acquisition, and personal/professional development. 

In addition to an internship and Field Placement course, you will take classes at TPC for up to eight academic credits: a Cultures & Communities Seminar and an elective. The Cultures & Communities Seminar meets once a week during the day, and is located on-site in Philadelphia. Electives are held once a week, in the evening, and help diversify your course of study and meet on-campus requirements. Our adjunct faculty members are practicing professionals who bring real-world perspectives into the classroom.

Internship/Field Placement Course – 8 credits / 2 units
City Seminar – 4 credits / 1 unit
Elective – 4 credits / 1 unit

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*Dates are subject to change.

The Philadelphia Center provided me with a positive learning experience and I now feel more equipped as a young professional to step into the workforce.



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