Distance Program

TPC Launches Virtual Semester and Summer Program, Starting Spring 2021

The Philadelphia Center is excited to announce two new programmatic offerings. Since 1967, TPC has been a leader in experiential education, combining academic intellectual exploration with practical professional experience through full time accredited internships in all majors and professional fields. We are honored to continue to innovate in this tradition in response to the current needs of students in this moment.

Starting Spring 2021, The Philadelphia Center program will be offered to students from the comfort of their own homes through our distance program! Gain knowledge and experience as an intern in a world class internship full time and take rigorous seminar-style classes through The Philadelphia Center, without having to leave your location. Expand your understanding of your field of study, build contacts and connections, explore your interests, and prepare for your next steps safely, all with The Philadelphia Center distance program!

We are also excited to announce our virtual Post-Baccalaureate program for graduated seniors. TPC is here to support you! Work a full time internship, receive mentorship and support from your faculty advisor, build contacts and connections, and prepare for your next steps, all for academic credit, issued by our managing institution, Albion College.

You can learn more by contacting admin@tpc.edu.