Student Spotlight: Aadhya Mohan

June 17, 2024

Aadhya MohanAadhya Mohan is a student from Albion College majoring in computer science. She attended the Philadelphia Center in the Spring of 2024. During her time in Philadelphia she had the opportunity to intern at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia actively promotes a greener and healthier city through its mission, the advancement of bicycling as a sustainable and safe means of transportation. Through advocacy and education for bike-friendly infrastructure and policies, the Bicycle Coalition endeavors to make cycling accessible to all residents.

The Philadelphia Center: Why did you choose to attend the Philadelphia Center?

AM: I chose to attend the Philadelphia Center to have an additional internship experience. I attend college in a suburban setting, so I wanted to experience the student life in an urban environment and be a part of a larger community.

The Philadelphia Center: Can you tell us about your experience as a student at The Philadelphia Center? What have you learned?

AM:  I have learnt to keep my eyes and ears open and keep observing the things happening around me. More often than not, the observations are very interesting and reveal beautiful patterns. The field visits every week gave a taste of the life of different communities of Philadelphia. The opportunity to choose topics and research on the social construct issues of the city was also very interesting. Taking classes and interning while being part of an urban culture was a new and educating experience for me.

The Philadelphia Center: Can you tell us about how you explored Philadelphia or took advantage of being in the city?

AM: Philadelphia is renowned for its food culture. Of course, taking advantage of the fact I visited restaurants of multiple cuisines. It was a great opportunity to explore more cultures and people of different cultures.

The Philadelphia Center:  How has this experience changed your perspective?

AM: This experience has allowed me to broaden my exposure. Navigating the independent city life in terms of public transportation, grocery runs, site-seeing and dine-out options. Living in the city has helped me realize how I can contribute to eliminate urban issues.

The Philadelphia Center: What do you plan on doing next?

AM: I plan to complete my bachelor’s degree and pursue a career in the technology field.