Spring Recap: Short-term Programs in Philadelphia

June 4, 2024

Earlier this year, The Philadelphia Center staff and faculty members from Albion College’s Art and Art History departments collaborated to create a short-term program in Philadelphia. Over a duration of four days, students explored Philadelphia’s rich art scene, focusing on public art, contemporary and community-engaged artwork, emerging artists, and traditional forms of art.

magic gardensDay 1: Students received a guided tour of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. The immersive neighborhood art gallery is completely made up of mosaics. The space is made up of two levels and an outdoor sculpture garden. Students and staff were in awe of the shimmering art pieces.


Philly Museum of ArtDay 2: on day 2, they engaged with artists and cultural initiatives, including Tiny Room for Elephants and the Forman Arts Initiative. The day concluded with a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the artistic hub of Philadelphia.



Fabric Workshop and Museum

Day 3: Students met with emerging artists at The Center for Emerging Visual Artists and experienced the arts community at Crane Street Arts. They also examined Rodin’s masterpieces at the Rodin Museum and explored contemporary art and innovative works at the Fabric Workshop and Museum.


Day 4: concluding their trip, students visited the archaeological treasures of the Penn Museum,  the cutting-edge contemporary art showcased at the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the unique blend of art and horticulture at the Barnes Museum.