Center, partners celebrate spring semester open house

April 6, 2024

Last month, The Philadelphia Center welcomed alumni, internship partners, and friends of the organization at the spring semester open house.

Among the highlights was hearing the story of Chloe Tran, a spring student interning at Chubb Insurance. “I learned about The Philadelphia Center during my first year at Albion and was determined to go to Philly,” said Chloe. “Even though I’m here for a different semester than I planned, the experience has been great – it’s been an adventure adulting.”

Chloe is interning in the actuarial department Chubb Insurance, where she’s gaining rich professional experience, a practical foundation in actuarial science, while navigating life as a young professional in

“From determining commute times and balancing work, study, and self-care, I’ve figured out how to juggle a lot during my time here,” said Chloe. “I feel so prepared for my summer actuarial internship in Chicago!”
Through organizational updates from Executive Director Tyler Hough and Chloe’s testimonial, The Philadelphia Center’s programs continue to provide students with important professional experience that allows students to take their learning beyond their classroom.